About Us


Ultimate Bulbs was originally Bond Express Limited, a business built from scratch with nothing more than a passion for the Automotive Industry and business. Offering high-quality LED lighting upgrades for vehicles. As the business grew the name no longer felt right for the business direction, at that point we were selling Automotive Lighting products and Accessories, it was late 2019 when we decided to split the business and form Ultimate Bulbs. 


Ultimate Bulbs is a market leader in the Automotive Lighting industry, offering LED Upgrades, Halogen replacements, fitting accessories and much more. Our team are experts when it comes to Automotive Lighting and we love to help our customers.


Our mission

Our core mission is to offer high-quality premium lighting options for both OEM replacements and upgrades

Our values

Our values are simple, high-quality over cheap and cheerful. We only aim to provide the best quality so our customers only have to buy once.

Our solution

Our pricing may seem on the higher end at first, but when you compare the quality of our products in comparison to cheaper alternatives it soon becomes clear why we charge more.